Dr Carney

Dr Carney's Services and Fees

Treatment Fee (Euro)
First Visit
Basic Examination (includes health check cancer screening, appropriate tests as required) from 90

Dental Hygiene
Hygienist (Scale & Polish) per visit 75
Dentist (Scale & Polish) per visit 95
Advanced Gum Treatment (Root Planing) 120-500

Small 25
Large (OPG-to be taken at the Mater Hospital) 40

Bleaching (tooth whitening)
Tray whitening including materials and instruction

Upper or lower teeth only per arch from 200
Upper and lower teeth per arch from 300

Restorations (Fillings)
White (layered, bonded composite resins)
Posterior (back teeth) per tooth 80-250
Anterior (front teeth) per tooth 80-200
Shape changes to front teeth using composite per tooth 75-300
e.g. veneers, broken tips etc.

Routine extraction (inc. X-ray) per tooth 120-180
Surgical Extraction per tooth 160-250

Acrylic partial dentures (plastic) per denture 350-750
Metal frame based (chrome cobalt) per denture 1100-1500

Core/post preparations per tooth 120-375
Metal crowns (gold and non-precious) for back teeth per tooth 700-1100
Porcelain and metal crowns per tooth 900-1100
Metal-free crowns per tooth 900-1200

Composite per tooth from 300
Porcelain per tooth from 600

Root Treatments
Single root canal tooth 450-550
Double root canal tooth 550-650
Multiple root canal tooth (molar tooth) 650-750

Sportsguard 105-115
Grindguard 350
Retainer 220
Applicances for TMJ problems 350

Dr Carney undertakes restoration of implants
Crown (dentist fee, lab fee and component fee) 1250-1600
Bridge P.O.A.
Anchored Denture P.O.A
Dr Sugrue looks after all surgical aspects of implant placement (See Prices Below)

NOTE. Tax relief is available on certain treatments. Click here to read more.

Dr Colm Sugrue
Implant Surgery 1200-1500
Bone Grafts 500

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