Before & After

An Unsightly Gap

This patient did not like the gap between her front teeth. Dr Crotty successfully closed the gap by bonding layers of composite (white filling material), without removing any of her existing tooth.

Sports Drinks (Erosion)

Many young people are stripping the enamel from their teeth by excessive consumption of acidic fizzy/sports drinks. Sports drinks were a part of this man’s training regime. Unfortunately, he suffered unsightly wear on otherwise perfect teeth. Not wishing to lose more enamel having porcelain veneers done, he asked Dr Crotty to restore his teeth using a bonded composite  technique.

Instant Bridge

This young patient never grew the missing tooth and was left with a gap when her orthodontic braces were removed. ON THE SAME DAY Dr Crotty constructed a composite bridge so that she left the surgery happy and smiling.

Alternative to EXPENSIVE Orthodontics, Crowns and Veneers

This middle aged woman was not in a position to undertake a treatment consisting of orthodontics, crowns and veneers. In a day and half, Dr Crotty transformed her mouth, building up all her teeth with composite (white filling material) and giving her the beautiful smile she had so hoped for.

Managing Extreme Tooth Wear

Following years of neglect, this patient really feared having to have his teeth crowned, but then he heard of Dr Crotty’s alternative approach. In a day and a half, he transformed the man's teeth by skillfully bonding composite (white fill material) to the existing damaged teeth. The dramatic improvement in appearance and function continues to be a source of great satisfaction to both patient and dental team.

A Dead Darkened Tooth

This patient was unhappy with this dark unpleasant looking front tooth, which had previously been root-treated. IN ONE VISIT Dr Crotty conservatively restored the tooth with bonded composite (white filling material), not needing to resort to an expensive post and crown.

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