Your First Appointment

Your First Visit

As experienced practitioners we understand that examination, diagnosis and competent treatment planning is the most important service we can offer you. It is therefore important that this is an interactive process in which we find out your concerns about your mouth and smile so that the solutions are tailored to your wants and needs.

It is natural to feel anxious about visiting a new dentist. Understanding this we try to make this first encounter as satisfactory an experience as possible for you.

Your first appointment will generally involve a detailed examination supported where necessary with appropriate x-rays. A micro camera is often used to record important aspects of the examination, to help you understand the nature of your problems and  to show you what we see. We particularly check for abnormalities of the mouth lining such as mouth cancer.

Once all the information has been gathered, we will work out a treatment plan and estimate for the second visit. Unfortunately dental problems may be multiple, varied and complex where satisfactory proposals for appropriate treatment may require more detailed investigation. A second appointment may then be necessary, the details and costs of which will be explained to you at your first appointment.

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